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Gain an advantage in the Northern New Jersey real estate scene with informative articles selected by Orly Chen. Articles discuss the essential aspects of home buying, selling or renting, such as inspections, mortgages, preparing to buy or sell, and handling closing costs. Get the inside scoop from a professional.

New Jersey Boasts Second Highest Percentage of Households Worth $1 Million or Higher

November 14, 2013
According to a study that was recently released by Phoenix Marketing International, New Jersey is home to the the second largest percentage of homes valued over one million dollars. Maryland ranked number one and Connecticut ranked number three. Read more...

Plans for New Closter Plaza Shopping Center Moving at Full Steam Ahead

October 30, 2013
New plans for the shopping center in Closter called Closter Plaza were submitted to the town bord in the fall of 2013. The shopping center will be a major anchor for Closter and will provide several new shopping opportunities to Closter residents. The board overseeing the project also hopes that the shopping center will be a draw for shoppers outside of Bergen County. Read more...

Youth’s Impact on the Housing Market

October 16, 2013
Unemployment rates are dropping, and the economy is growing, according to the most recent jobs reports released by the US government. This is welcome news to many, especially those who have been under water or have feared losing their jobs throughout the years of economic uncertainty that Americans have been enduring. Read more...

Is Luxury Living Alive and Well in Bergen County?

October 2, 2013
Before the economy took a downturn in the mid-2000's, luxury real estate was faring well in Bergen County, New Jersey. The suburb, which is a short commute from New York City, is home to some of the best schools in the nation. Many families and professionals from New York are opting for the land, space, and opportunities that Bergen County has to offer. Read more...

What Is the 203(k) Mortgage?

September 18, 2013
Though many prospective homeowners are familiar with the way that straightforward mortgages work, very few are aware of a slightly different kind of mortgage that is available to some homes. Deemed the “fixer upper loan” by some, the 203(k) mortgage is a special mortgage that is available to buyers of homes that need work in order to become habitable. Read more...

Jersey City: The New Brooklyn?

August 28, 2013
There was a time when young professionals saw greener pastures as a move from a tiny apartment in Manhattan to a slightly larger apartment in one of Brooklyn’s sprawling neighborhoods. Proximity to Prospect Park, family-oriented eateries, and availability of shops and restaurants was the biggest get for Brooklyn-bound couples looking to start a family. Read more...

Now is the Time to Grab that Million Dollar New Jersey Home

August 7, 2013
Bergen County contains many of New Jersey's most beautiful $1 million homes surrounded by gorgeous, green countryside. Prior to the recession, people were standing in line to purchase one of these luxurious mansions and Bergen County real estate was probably the most coveted real estate in the area. Read more...

The Rebound of New Jersey's Housing Market

July 10, 2013
Although New Jersey's housing market experienced a devastating downturn during the recession, coupled by Hurricane Sandy's destruction that left people without homes or jobs, it appears that the worst may be finally over. Read more...

Making the Most of Attending An Open House

June 12, 2013
An open house, or a particular period of time when a house that is for sale is open for prospective buyers to visit, can be a very useful tool in the home purchasing process. It gives you a chance to really get a feel for a home, often without the pressure of being there one on one with a realtor. Read more...

Power In the Hands of the Seller in Real Estate

May 29, 2013
A recent survey found that about a third of prospective home buyers are willing to make concessions after one year of searching for the perfect home. This coupled with a market that has less options for buyers to choose from is building the power held by the seller in a home sale scenario. It’s been reported that of the 42% of responders to the same survey that actually placed offers on homes in 2012, only 11% of those offers were accepted. Read more...

Tips and Advice When Selling Your Home Because of Divorce

May 15, 2013
Lucky are those who sell their homes simply because they want a change of scenery or are financially able to afford a higher-priced home. With the divorce rate higher today than it has ever been, a common reason behind homes being put on the market is because the couple owing the home are divorcing. Read more...

Demand for Condos Increases Dramatically in New Jersey

May 1, 2013
New Jersey has suffered years of stagnated condominium sales but real estate market statistics indicate things are heating up in the Garden State for owners and developers of condos. In fact, several developers are reviving projects in addition to offering units located in prime areas for people interested in purchasing condominiums. Read more...

The Importance of Knowing about Contingencies Before Buying a Bergen County Home

February 7, 2013
Although there are encouraging signs in the housing market as of late, it remains true that Bergen County real estate is a tough and ultimately very competitive market. Many Bergen County homeowners are preparing themselves for success in the housing market by embracing the following savvy tips. Read more...

Asking Price Matters in Bergen County

January 24, 2013
A proper asking price on a listed home versus an improperly priced home can mean the difference between selling and not in Bergen County. A price that is set too high may easily detract would-be buyers from even browsing. Meanwhile, a price that is set too low carries its own issues because it cheats the seller out of equity on the home. Read more...

The Importance of Knowing about Contingencies Before Buying a Bergen County Home

January 10, 2013
A real estate contract that contains a contingency or contingencies means that the contract will not be considered valid if certain conditions or events fail to exist at any point in the transaction. For example, a basic “loan contingency” written into a real estate contract would state that the home in question will be sold to the buyer only upon the buyer securing a loan at or around a certain rate of interest. While this contingency protects the financial interest of the buyer, it also allows the buyer and the seller the opportunity to withdraw from the contract if this contingency is not met without worrying about the legalities of contract law. Read more...

What Kind of First-Home Buyer Loan is Best for You?

December 27, 2012
Bergen County real estate is booming and many first-time home buyers are anxious to purchase their dream home in one of New Jersey's most attractive counties. However, applying for a first-time home loan is understandably intimidating to those new to the real estate industry and its complicated rules and regulations. Knowing some key facts about loans that are specifically designed to assist qualified home buyers invest in a Bergen County home can help relieve the uncertainty about applying for a first-time home loan. Read more...

New Jersey Housing Market Up

December 13, 2012
As of the conclusion of the fourth quarter, the appraiser Jeffery Otteau announced home sale prices are up by 2.9% in New Jersey. The average home sale is now $276,944, which is the highest reported average since 2010. Otteau is an appraiser who tracks the New Jersey housing market. Read more...

New Mandates May Drive Up New Home Costs in NJ

November 29, 2012
A New Jersey state bill called the New Home Fire Safety Act would require fire suppression systems in all new construction homes in the state. Under the bill, officials would be prohibited from granting occupancy certificates to any new construction homes until such fire suppression systems were in place. Read more...

Lower Tax Rates Fuel Spike in Buying Luxury Homes

November 15, 2012
As signs that the recession was finally ending began emerging from rising stock markets, increases in retail sales and employers once again hiring, the real estate industry jumped for joy when this economic upgrade stimulated buyers into purchasing thousands of luxury homes in November and December of 2012. This spending spree was also stoked by the fact that home sellers knew that a five percent hike in the capital gains tax was going to take effect beginning January 1, 2013, as one aspect of the budget deal designed to eliminate the "fiscal cliff" issue.

Disaster-Proofing Your Home

November 1, 2012
Following Hurricane Sandy's devastation of the East Coast last October, millions of homeowners were left with damaged houses but no insurance coverage to provide funds to repair the extensive damage. One report estimated that nearly 70 percent of homes experiencing water damage during the hurricane may have had insurance but did not specifically carry flood insurance. Because hurricanes do not normally hit areas that Sandy destroyed, most people owning homes or businesses there did not think they would ever need flood insurance. Read more...

New Jersey 2013 Real Estate Forecast

October 18, 2012
According to the website, projected New Jersey real estate prices for 2013 are expected to decline slightly at a rate of 3.9 percent. In addition, appreciation rates for property and homes located in New Jersey may reach between .3 percent and -8 percent. However, professional housing forecaster Jeffrey Otteau thinks that New Jersey housing prices will soon start increasing in 2013, predicting that it may take another decade before prices equal that of 2005 property values. Read more...

New Jersey Retail Real Estate Market Trends Up

October 4, 2012
Experts discussing the current status of New Jersey's retail real estate market report that the vacancy rate of principle shopping malls and corridors in the central part of the state fell slightly over nine percent, down from the extremely high 11 percent of last year. This decrease in New Jersey's empty retail spaces seems to indicate that the market niche as finally bottomed out and will predictably continue to fall over the first six months of 2013. Read more...

Find Beautiful Homes in Exclusive Cresskill, New Jersey

September 21, 2012
One of the more privileged and fashionable communities in New Jersey as well as the U.S., Cresskill represents that quintessentially charming small town where streets are quiet and tree-lined, everyone knows each other in the neighborhood and local parks provide safe, clean places to picnic, play football or ride bicycles. You will also find stunning, multi-million dollar homes decorating East Hill areas such as Tamcrest Estates, Rio Vista and Tammy Brook Hills, where construction of estate houses has exploded over the past decade. Read more...

Bergen County's Best Kept Secret

September 7, 2012
For people wanting to live in a beautiful, secluded, upscale suburb of New York City, the borough of Alpine, New Jersey (population 2300) provides the delightful environment as well as the luxurious homes for which they have been searching. Earlier in 2012, Forbes Magazine ranked this New York City as having the most expensive ZIP code in the U.S., with the median price of a home falling in the $4 million range. Additionally, Alpine has also been named one of the best places to live in the state of New Jersey. Read more...

New Jersey’s Economy is Improving

August 24, 2012
In a speech at Montclair University in New Jersey this month, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Bill Dudley said that New Jersey’s economy is improving. The improvement has been moderate, but it is there. Read more...

Real Estate Market on the Rise

August 10, 2012
The outlook is good: one of the worst real estate declines in history is finally coming to an end. With homebuilder stocks on the rise and single-family home construction and sales reaching their highest levels in years, economists are looking optimistic about the future of the housing industry. Read more...

Tips for Hiring a Real Estate Agent

July 25, 2012
Hiring a professional and experienced real estate agent will not only facilitate the process of selling or buying property but also give you the assistance of someone who is looking out for your best interests and not their own. Unfortunately, as in any industry where employees rely heavily on commission to augment their salary, the real estate business has its own unethical agents who manage to take advantage of vulnerable customers unaware of what to look for in a top-quality real estate agent like Orly Chen. Read more...

Signs you are Dealing with an Unethical Real Estate Agent

July 11, 2012
Every service industry has people who indulge in unethical practices just to further their own interests and, unfortunately, the real estate business is included in that list of industries. However, there are certain "red flag" warnings that can tell you ahead of time that the person you are dealing with is not a professional, legitimate and honest agent. Read more...

Finding The Perfect Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home

June 27, 2012
The decision to sell a home is a major one, and the process can be really involved. With such an important endeavor, it’s integral that you find the right real estate agent for the job. Read more...

Real Estate Properties: Identifying Value

June 13, 2012
A home is one of the biggest investments that an individual makes in his or her lifetime. Therefore, it’s natural that the value of the home is one of the largest concerns facing a homeowner. Generally speaking, homeowners rely on a combination of real estate agents’ comparative analysis information, which in the industry are referred to as “comps”, and full value appraisals. Read more...

Purchasing Foreclosed Properties in Bergen County

May 30, 2012
More than a third of all properties purchased by home buyers are foreclosed properties. A home that has been foreclosed on means that the owner failed to make timely payments on their mortgage. Eventually, the bank repossessed the home due to nonpayment and placed it on the market, usually at a much reduced rate. Read more...

Will the New York City Ban on Soda Affect the Future of Tenafly's Real Estate Market?

May 16, 2012
Recently, Mayor Bloomberg took an aggressive stance towards combating the escalating obesity rate in New York City by proposing a ban on the purchase of larger sized sodas. It was a proposal that was not accepted with open arms and many New Jersey business owners as well as residents hope that the Garden State does not consider such a ban. Read more...

Appealing a Real Estate Tax Assessment in New Jersey

May 2, 2012
New Jersey uses the “ad valorem” (Latin for “according to value”) assessment method to evaluate a property's true monetary value. This “true value” is, by definition, what someone would pay for such property if it were for sale. Professional tax assessors are responsible for determining the monetary value of a home and the land on which it is located by utilizing current market trends, completed construction conditions and other home improvement additions. Read more...

To Rent or Not to Rent

April 18, 2012
Although the housing market shows favorable signs of recovering, a definite instability still exists that is causing home buyers to remain cautious about purchasing a home. However, real estate activity charts focusing on New Jersey's housing market indicates that the rental aspect of the real estate industry is booming. Experts attribute the strength of the rental market to definite shifts in job opportunities and demographics subtly transforming the landscape of the Garden State. Read more...

Bergen County's Exclusive Borough of Alpine, NJ

April 4, 2012
Sitting atop a spectacular cliff in a relatively unknown area of Bergen County sits the luxurious town of Alpine, New Jersey, an expensive playground that has recently become the place to be for the very wealthy. Living in Alpine costs more than living in Beverly Hills or West Palm Beach, and may be one of the most expensive towns in which to reside in the U.S. With beautiful tree-lined avenues, quiet afternoons and impeccable mansions each worth an average of $4 million, it is the perfect place for the super-rich to dwell in anonymity. Read more...

Alpine, New Jersey – The Place to Be for Hip-Hop Artists

March 21, 2012
Alpine, New Jersey, one of the nation's most costly places to live, has always been involved with the music industry, beginning in 1937 when Frank Sinatra sang at the Rustic Cabin roadhouse, where he moonlighted as a headwaiter as well. Today, Alpine's population of nearly 2200 includes some of the greats in the hip-hop industry, dropping names like Sean Combs, Jay-Z, Lil Kim and even stars like Chris Rock and Stevie Wonder. Nearby Bergen County towns also boast such big names as Ja Rule, Reverend Run and Wyclef Jean. Read more...

Now Is the Time to Buy a Home

March 7, 2012
Rising home sales that are counterintuitive to conflicting data regarding the decrease in mortgage applications may have you scratching your head and wondering whether the housing market is actually stabilizing. This discrepancy, however, means that homebuyers are using cash to purchase homes rather than lenders because banks are currently employing strict regulations concerning who qualifies for home loans. Investors are also utilizing cash over credit because of the competitive edge it holds over distressed properties. Read more...

The End of the Housing Market Slump

February 22, 2012
It has been a long time since the real estate market has seen such optimistic signs indicating a complete recovery is imminent. February home prices rose for the first time in nearly a year and a half, with the median price now standing at slightly over $170,000. According to RE/MAX National Housing Report, this represents a 1.1 percent increase, with sales of homes up nearly nine percent from 12 months ago. Due to these positive and sustaining numbers, real estate experts predict this year will be the first exceptionally strong season for home purchases and sales.

What you should Know if You are Planning a Move to Demarest, NJ

February 8, 2012
Located just outside of New York City, Demarest New Jersey is a quaint, pleasant, and safe community in Bergen County. Only eight miles from the George Washington Bridge, the community boasts an easy commute to New York City with all of the pleasantries of suburban life.

Cresskill: A Suburban Destination for Young Families

January 23, 2012
Located less than twenty miles from New York City, Cresskill is one of New Jersey’s top destinations for homeowners who want to enjoy the safety and serenity of suburban life without tacking on a giant commute to every workday. Read more...

Living the Good Life in Tenafly, New Jersey

January 9, 2012
Needing to live close to New York City because of employment but wanting to reside in a more rustic and quiet environment proves to be a dilemma to many Bergen County residents. That is, until they learn about the expansive and beautiful homes comprising the attractive community of Tenafly, New Jersey. Read more...

What You Need to Know About Tenafly Real Estate

December 26, 2011
For whatever style of home you are searching, Tenafly, New Jersey contains the home you have been looking for, whether it is a traditional Victorian, ranch, split-level contemporary or colonial. Driving around Tenafly will provide you with breathtaking views of homes for sale as well as townhouses and rental condominiums. Available houses enhance quiet, shady residential streets only minutes from downtown Tenafly with a unique charm and style that has made this Bergen County city one of the most popular in the county in which to live. Read more...

About Bergen County

December 12, 2011
The most populous county in New Jersey, Bergen County has over 900,000 residents and is continuing to grow. Located in the northeastern corner of New Jersey, Bergen County is bordered to the north by New York State and to the east by the Hudson River. Perhaps due to its proximity to New York City via public transport and the George Washington Bridge, Bergen County is an extremely attractive option for homeowners and prospective homeowners looking for a safe and lively community that is close to – but not within – New York City. Read more...

Homeownership Destination: Bergen County

November 28, 2011
For those looking to escape city life in favor of a safe, suburban community – or for those looking to make a jump from one such community to another – Bergen County is a top destination in New Jersey. A safe haven just a hop and a skip from bustling Manhattan, Bergen County has copious small towns within it, eighteen of which were named the Best Places to Live on NJ Month’s magazine list of 100 Top Towns. In particular, the Mahwah Township in Bergen County came in at number nine. Read more...

The Small-Town Charm of Demarest, New Jersey

November 14, 2011
Located only ten miles from midtown Manhattan, the town of Demarest, New Jersey is nestled in a small, charming borough in Bergen County. With no large manufacturing industries, streets shaded by tall, leafy trees, minimal traffic lights and just a few apartments, Demarest attracts individuals desiring to leave the hustle and bustle of city life yet wanting to remain within a comfortable commuting distance of New York City. Read more...

Thinking of Moving to Bergen County in New Jersey?

October 31, 2011
Urbanites desiring a less congested, less hectic and more naturally attractive place to live and raise a family are flocking to towns in Bergen County, New Jersey. Read more...

Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent

October 17, 2011
When you have decided to make a move, sell your home, and find another, the biggest first step in the process is finding a real estate agent. For many Bergen County homeowners, the search for a great real estate agent begins with asking for recommendations from family and friends. Although family and friends are great resources for finding a real estate agent, your search should never stop with the recommendations.

Finding The Right Real Estate Lawyer

October 3, 2011
An important part of buying or selling real estate is the legal process, and therefore finding the right real estate lawyer for your purchase or sale is integral to a successful real estate experience. A good place to start your search is online, where you may – using search engines or dedicated lawyer search websites – plug in your location and what your needs are. Read more...

Advice for Purchasing Bergen County Real Estate

September 19, 2011
People have made Bergen County, New Jersey the most populated county in the state because of its attractive benefits, high quality of living and close proximity to New York City but without the noise and traffic the city generates. As one of the top 20 U.S. counties possessing the highest income per capita. Read more...

Bergen County Real Estate in a Tough Real Estate Market

September 5, 2011
Whether someone is a seasoned home owner or a first time buyer, purchasing a home in today's faltering economic climate is not one of the most pleasant experiences to undergo--and survive at the same time. For individuals who have less than a perfect credit history or must sell the current home they own in order to purchase another home, the prospect of buying property seems daunting and perhaps a little dangerous, to say the least. Read more...

Advice for Purchasing Bergen County Real Estate

August 22, 2011
Bergen County, New Jersey offers a variety of real estate for sale for someone looking to purchase a home or land on which to build a home. Considered part of the New York City Metropolitan area, Bergen County is a desirable place to live, possessing an excellent park and school system, with many beautiful houses from which to choose as your next home. Read more...

Bergen County Real Estate

August 8, 2011
As one of the more populated counties in New Jersey, Bergen County sits in the northeastern corner of that state, bordered by New York and the Hudson River. Because it is so close to but actually part of New York City, Bergen County lays claim to some of the most active real estate markets in New Jersey. Read more...

From the City to Home: The Suburban Destination for Urbanites, Tenafly NJ

July 25, 2011
For many working professionals in Manhattan who also happen to be parents of young children, there comes a time when a decision must be made: to stay or not to stay. Although city life is the top choice for many professionals pre-kids, when children begin to reach school age, many parents make the decision to leave the city for greener pastures: the suburbs surrounding Manhattan. Read more...

The Tenafly Real Estate Market

June 27, 2011
With traditional Victorians, contemporary and Central-Hall Colonials, ranch and split-level houses, Tenafly has a variety of real estate offerings for any taste. Homes, townhouses, and estates are for sale here, and there are plenty of condos to rent. Residences in Tenafly are rooted in suburbia at its greatest, offering spacious homes, large backyards, and walking proximity to top-notch Tenafly schools. Many homes have built in pools and landscaped property. Approximately 4500 residences may be found in Tenafly, with 3800 owner occupied and the remainder renter occupied. Read more...

How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent

May 30, 2011
Whether selling or buying a house or apartment, an excellent real estate agent can make all the difference to a positive experience. Most people want to know if there exists some secret ingredient to the best real estate agent, but the truth of the matter is, the best real estate agents is defined as an experienced professional who will listen to his or her clients, act in an ethical fashion, and understand the specific market of interest. Look for those factors in an agent, and it is difficult to go wrong. That said, there are suggestions to help people looking for a real estate agent find that special professional who is right for them. Read more...

How to Handle a Real Estate Short Sale

May 9, 2011
Unfortunately in these difficult times, some homeowners and families arrive at the place where they can no longer afford to keep their mortgage payments current. Perhaps they lost a high-paying job, went through serious illness or suffered some other personal tragedy. Whatever the reason, it is never pleasant when a home needs to be given up before the owner and occupants would like. Some of the more negative options include foreclosure and bankruptcy, but there is an alternative. This option for real estate is called the short sale, which is becoming an increasingly common tactic as the trying economic times continue. Read more...

Small Town Meets Big History in Demarest

April 18, 2011
When families want to live near New York City but experience the calm of suburban life, Bergen County offers a range of options including larger, more active towns and smaller communities that almost conjure the feeling of the quiet country. The latter choice provides a sense of near-complete escape from the noise of city living, while keeping residents within reasonably close distance of excellent opportunities for employment, schools and culture. One of the quieter options includes Demarest, a borough that adds a sense of history to its appealing mix.

Find an Urban Suburban Experience in Tenafly

March 28, 2011
Many young couples in New York City, especially in crowded Manhattan, eventually find themselves asking whether they should stay in the city, particularly as their young children grow and reach school age. While finding more space and quality education for their children top their priorities list, it also remains important for young parents to stay close to their jobs, friends and cultural attractions, most of which are located in the Big Apple. Couples facing this dilemma should consider the alternative of an urban suburban experience, namely, the kind of living available in Tenafly, New Jersey, just miles from New York City but also a world away in terms of quality of life. Read more...

Tips for Preparing a Springtime Home Sale

February 21, 2011
Following a winter of snow and cold weather, homeowners interested in selling tend to prepare their houses for market as the more pleasant spring season arrives. Every seller wants to close the sale at the best price as swiftly as new flowers begin to blossom, but in order to be a success, the process requires thoughtful planning and smart marketing. The primary steps, which can be completed in as little as one week, involve depersonalizing the home, organizing and improving the space. Read more...

Steps for Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

February 7, 2011
Buying or selling a home depends on finding the best real estate agent to match your personal needs. In a market where a small number of in-demand real estate agents do a lot of business, it can be difficult to locate the right agent among so many busy professionals. However, guided by factors like an appreciation for individualized attention, ethical conduct and market knowledge, it is possible to find an excellent match with the following tips. Read more...

Bergen County Real Estate Investments

November 29, 2010
Even in a difficult economic climate, real estate remains one of the most secure long-term investments that an individual or family can make. Sure, the past few years have proven the ups and downs involved with this kind of investing, but the track record also shows that investments in certain kinds of areas still tend to grow in value despite the temporary risks. Read more...

How to Survive the Winter Real Estate Market

November 15, 2010
No time of year is more challenging for the real estate market in the Northeastern United States than winter, when cold temperatures, difficult conditions and lack of sunlight offer plenty of reasons to discourage buyers and sellers. On the other hand, while many people avoid real estate transactions in the winter, a select few may find the season offers the most opportune time to make a deal. No matter which category you fit into, no doubt winter is the ideal season for buyers and sellers to prepare for spring, the optimal real estate season. Read more...

Winterize the Home with Simple Steps

November 1, 2010
Difficult as it can be to believe, the crisp temperatures and beautiful foliage of the fall season yield to the cold and darkness of winter in the blink of an eye. Come winter, freezing air, howling winds and heavy snowfall can do remarkable damage to a home in a short amount of time, which means that homeowners should take care to “winterize” their home, in other words, prepare it in advance for the long, cold season. Weeks before the depths of winter arrive with a thud, homeowners can get ready for the change in weather during the fall season while the comfortable temperatures still make it pleasant to do the work. Here are some simple tips on what to look for inside and outside the home to make it winterized. Read more...

Common Home Investments to Reconsider

October 11, 2010
Homeowners almost always think of home improvements in a positive way, where no one wants to imagine that their beloved additions would not generate more value when it comes time to sell the home. But beyond the basics like routine home maintenance tasks such as keeping plumbing up to date and treating the wood on a deck, which home improvements really attract buyers that see the value in the job? Surprisingly, a number of common home improvements do not prompt potential buyers to appreciate the value of the task, and as a result, the costs of the improvements may not be factored as hoped into the purchase price. Before homeowners waste money on an investment, it pays to consider what improvements buyers might not appreciate. Some chief considerations are swimming pools, extensive landscaping and inconsistent high-end upgrades. Read more...

Real Estate Hotspots: Bergenfield, Tenafly, Demarest, Closter and Alpine

September 27, 2010
Even in a challenging real estate market, certain areas continue to hold more appeal for buyers than other locations. What is the secret formula of their enduring popularity despite the economic downturn? In North Jersey, prospective buyers can choose from a number of appealing towns in Bergen County. Among them are the hotspots of Bergenfield, Tenafly, Demarest, Closter, and Alpine. It’s worth a moment to consider why so many people want to live in these five terrific Bergen County communities. Read more...

Staging Your Home is Key to its Sale

September 13, 2010
As the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Nowhere is this truer than in the case of selling a home, which ranks with buying a home as one of the largest financial transactions that most people will make in their lives. Despite the importance of staging a home for sale, real estate professionals often express surprise at the lack of preparation clients undertake in order to make the best first impression. When it comes to selling a home, especially in a challenging al estate remarket, first impressions count, and sellers need to impress at a few key points along the way, including photos, open houses and realtor visits. Read more...

Prepare Your Home for the Jewish Holidays

August 30, 2010
As September nears, Jewish families across the world and in New Jersey prepare to celebrate the popular holidays of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot. Family members, friends and other loved ones celebrate the Jewish holidays with conversation, food, and prayer, all depending on their backgrounds and traditions. No matter how individual families choose to recognize the occasion, at the center of the Jewish holiday experience for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot sits the home, which welcomes guests into a warm and memorable annual celebration. The centrality of the home for the Jewish holidays brings a big focus on how to prepare a house for the special occasions.

Home Maintenance and Real Estate Markets Change Come Fall

August 16, 2010
When the fall season begins in late September, it brings changes to more than the air temperature and colors of the leaves, especially where home maintenance and the variable real estate market are concerned. Children and teachers go back to school, summer vacations end, and sweaters and jackets suddenly appear instead of t-shirts and flip-flops. For homeowners, the change in seasons is a time to be mindful of annual home maintenance procedures and to consider the adjustments in the real estate market. Read more...

To Choose the Right Home, Know Your Needs in Advance

May 15, 2010
One of the most important questions facing clients in the market for a new house is how to choose the home that best matches their needs. A home is the biggest investment of time and money that most families make in their lives, which means it is critical to make the right choice from the start. Choose a home that is too small, and your growing demands for extra space could force you to move earlier than would be cost-effective for your plans. Read more...

Get Ready for Back to School in Bergen County

May 1, 2010
Bergen County offers one of the best educational systems in the country and serves as home to many of New Jersey’s top schools. While it may be hard to believe in the middle of summer, the time to return to classes is almost around the corner. Once again this fall season, students of all grade levels in Bergen County can expect to find manageable class sizes, exciting advanced courses, extracurricular activities like trips to New York City, programs for unique needs, and solid SAT and college preparation. Read more...

Choose the Right Bergen County Town

April 15, 2010
Bergen County offers some of the most attractive towns to live in New Jersey, but for newcomers and even people familiar with the Garden State, the sheer number of options can be daunting. While the all-around excellent school systems, transportation, shopping, cultural diversity, recreational opportunities, and proximity to New York City mean that no Bergen County town will disappoint, some towns may be better fits than others depending on a family’s needs. Read more...

Energy Saving is Easy for Bergen County Homeowners

April 1, 2010
As hot summer months approach, every New Jersey homeowner and family wants to learn new and better ways to save energy. In addition to conserving money, the smartest energy saving methods can help improve the environment by reducing pollution and lessening contributions to global warming. Read more...

Hidden Home Costs: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

March 15, 2010
The first thing homebuyers want to know about a prospective new home is the listing price. More important than location, everyone wants to know how much a home purchase will cost before they can calculate the value the home might accumulate in the long run. What potential buyers, and particularly first time homebuyers, neglect to consider is that not all the costs of a home are reflected in the listing price. Read more...

Choosing a Landscaper is a Breeze with These Tips

March 1, 2010
Spring is in the air, which means New Jersey homeowners turn their attention to cleaning their houses and making their environments feel and look fresh. While many Bergen County residents focus on the interior of their houses, and perform rituals like spring cleaning and getting rid of junk, it is important to consider the space outside as an area to keep neat and presentable. Landscaping, or the art of designing, creating and maintaining beautiful outdoor surroundings, can lift homeowners’ spirits and the long-term value of their property. Read more...

Bergen County: The Choice for Top Schools

February 15, 2010
People of all backgrounds and ages enjoy living in Bergen County, but parents of school-age children especially love the area for its top-ranked educational system. A wide selection of nationally recognized public and private schools prepares students of all levels and abilities for future success. Rigorous academics, innovative teaching and outstanding extracurricular activities make Bergen County and its schools a leading choice for families who put their children first. Read more...

Bergen County and New York City: The Best of Both Worlds

January 30, 2010
The Big Apple. Gotham. The Empire City. Whatever you call it, New York City is known around the world for its unrivaled diversity, global influence and vast economic and cultural resources. Residents of Bergen County find all these elements and more within easy reach, with the added bonus that they can retreat to a charming small-town feel when their big city adventures end. Read more...

Bergen County Medical Facilities Keep You Healthy at Any Age

January 15, 2010
Bergen County offers residents plenty of ways to stay healthy, from green spaces for exercise to recreational facilities and the wide availability of fresh food. Yet another key component of local health and wellness is medical facilities, which provide highly regarded care to the population in North New Jersey. Read more...

RE/MAX of Tenafly

                    RE/MAX Associates lead agents
                     of competing companies in
                    professional designations which
                 denote specialized training and
               education. They dominate the Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR), Certified Relocation Professional (CRP), Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) and Leadership Training Graduate (LTG) ranks. Read more...

About Orly Chen

  Orly Chen is a leading
Tenafly real estate agent
in Northern New Jersey
specializing in the Bergen
County area. Her
outgoing personality,
honesty and
approachability and
integrity make Orly
one of the most sought-
after agents in the
Northern New Jersey
real estate market

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